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AIM - architectural information model

The way we design is based on the biological world of development species; an individual of a species also consists of a complex interrelationship of levels. The result of individuals is because variations arise at the genetic level and phenotypic level entail 'abnormalities' (improvements or deterioration). Due to the change inthe environment (the extended phenotype), an abnormality suddenly appears to imply an improvement or decline. The continuously changing democratic field of architecture is comparable to this unpredictability of nature selection in which the environment changes. Our design methodology incorporates this unpredictable variability because we use the variability as a parameter in our recording method. We do this by examining all kinds of levels separately, and they allow for variations in design. We then bring these variations together when we further concretize the building to be designed. Here, too, are new and unforeseen variants or possibilities. There are new possibilities for a new way to think about space.