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Hans Moor

Architecture profession

Building your ideas with experiment, teaching, and writing is a complete architectural and life experience in a transforming world of information and economic replication. The architectural profession is a unique challenge. It wasn't a coincidence that I didn't build much to have a big company. I was lucky to have the time to transform my fundamental ideas into new, better-adapted architectural shapes and concepts. Change of words and images depending on energy shiftings. 

At this moment, the world and its inhabitants are facing enormous challenges. Climate change, food dependencies, poverty, and so on make us look for new ways to care for the earth and look for each other.

My first questions about my architectural profession are still crucial if my feelings and intuition are right. In recent years, all the big questions of sustainable life, emotional connections, community spaces, and net zero architecture come together in conceptual architectural answers for a new sustainable life. It is called Smart Hood Architecture. It will be the concept to develop further in cooperation with the dependencies of all the engineers, information technology experts, and others who can contribute to the conditions of a new human mode of appearance.

Design + Writing

Hans Moor is founding partner of The Climate Neutral Real Estate (CNRE) programme. It was launched in the Gulf Region at the 28th session of the annual United Nations climate summit – COP28 UAE, on the 4th December 2023

Fundaments and history

My most important spatial and architectural questions have revolved around a sustainable and architectural way of living for thirty years. These questions first arise with the experience of my own designing of buildings. What does an imagination of architectural living look like for an individual and a community? The most important question at the end of my study was: How do people relate to each other regarding space? Can they still experience it jointly, or in other words, can we think of a space that offers the possibility for a community? The answer became ‘The Unavowable Community’. It is a sustainable way of living by the imagination of two characters: A dancer and an astronaut. Wind and water are the natural elements that play a crucial role in communication and initiate the possibility for sustainable architecture. Free energy comes into play.

Innovative network

Climate Neutral Real Estate is an alliance that aims to achieve net-zero buildings, first during operations, and also addressing and later including the emission impact of construction materials. Climate neutral buildings require a redesign of building integrated photovoltaics (PV), the cooling system, smart monitoring, the electricity system, the water system as well as architecture aesthetics, functionality and well-being. The Climate Neutral Real Estate alliance fosters awareness in the financial sector to develop new corporate finance solutions based on increased value of certified real estate assets. The Climate Neutral Real Estate Gulf Region programme is a public-private partnership between the Dutch Government and knowledge institutes, technology companies and technology providers. The aim is working towards net-zero buildings in desert climates. The focus countries are: UAE, Saudi Arabia and Oman.

info Climate Neutral Real Estate - Linkedin

For Dutch private villas, we have a unique website,

Awards + Competition
  • Iktinos, Academie van Bouwkunst Netherlands

  • Archiprix 1998, Netherlands - Honorable Mention

  • Competition Metrostation, Rotterdam - First Prize

  • Two Bridges, Rotterdam, Netherlands - First prize

  • Biennal, Miami, Florida, USA - Honorable Mention

  • Dutch design selection - finalist Nomination

  • Brede school, Rotterdam Netherlands - Honorable Mention

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