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The closed hand - 2007

But what is left of the identity of the individual/artist? If the artists identify themselves with the white selecting hand, they can only be within the multiplication of the products of the economy. These unlimited borders of the artist mean, essentially, the elimination of the individual, as the individual is nothing more than a means of the economy. There is no multiplication when the vehicles, products, and consumers thereof are not connected as much as possible to each other. Uniformity serves for production increases. Besides that, as an artist, you can still do your own thing, but this attempt will have to serve for an increase in production (economy). The meaning of this possible difference stays uniform in meaning, in which an excessive deviation of the average will always be deducted from the cost balance. The artist, with his stipulated unique project, makes himself larger when he embraces multiplication. The call for freedom from the individual is equal to elimination. It is the call for the disappearance of the silent and empty place.