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Le Corbusier and the quiet and sure spot

What does Le Corbusier mean when he says a quiet and sure spot?

Is he looking for a real place to stay or is he referring to something else?

Le Corbusier no longer views his spot for the mind within the new arrangement as a religious place in the traditional sense. His view is that an old, community forming institute, such as the church, is lacking. In addition the power of the state had changed by the emerging democracy and the fight for equal rights. At any rate, Le Corbusier views his quiet and secure place as part of living and undisputable as a component of community life. Although he uses the word temple. For my part. I devoted fifty years of my life to the study of housing. I brought back the temple to the family, to the home *5 (Mise au point, 1965)

The big question for Le Corbusier is: what would a possible living community look like?