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The public space of the architect is quiet and empty - 2007

Update - 2021 Energy is information

Le Corbusier has read Nietzsche, he speaks of a silence, but as silence as a secure place. It is possible that Le Corbusier is fully aware of those same ‘most silent words that bring the storm’ as what Nietzsche is talking about in the Zarathustra. Just as in Nietszsche, Le Corbusier sees a new order in progress, although his subject is only architecture, which inevitably enforces itself. My suspicion is that this experience of emptiness in the form of a quiet and empty spot goes hand in hand with a new order in progress and the emergence of man. An order, stirred up by a storm, which is not ours. There is no room for silent words.

What architect is nowadays involved in a quiet and empty spot, such as Le Corbusier has been in all his life?

Although, in his case, it is still a quiet and secure place, it will remain a problem, just as he described himself. He most likely sees it as a problem to truly build a quiet place, a realized place within an architectonical structure. Apart from his power and influence in the architecture of the time, he should have been aware of the absence of power. ‘I have not experienced the miracle of faith but I have often known the miracle of inexpressible space’ .