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Water, energy, food + information technology

In almost all places where people live, the energy transition, water management, and food security are currently playing a crucial and changing role in people's daily lives. These changing physical conditions are not only due to climate change, but these changing conditions also are accompanied by new information technologies. They bring about a different view of arranging the lives of individuals and concerning making communities livable. Among other things, networks and communities are increasingly dependent on digital information to deal with, for example, weather conditions. Within these networks, individuals play a huge role in how systems with digital information can perform. Individuals have to fit their requirements and get insights. That means organizing the lives of individuals and human communities through a new shape of urban, infrastructural, and architectural planning. What does an urban or architectural vision or plan ultimately look like? Recent technical innovations and water, energy, and food combinations are crucial in this planning. Nothing in history has changed an order like new techniques and innovations. All these 'techniques' need to be tested for their 'economic' usefulness. Some of them are already adaptive and working.