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Smart - Water and green hub

The design of a wastewater city hub is a building with public space where waste in different shapes will transform into new energy ( clean water, nutrients, etc.) We named the city hub 'the wastewater hub' because water is one of the main issues in all cities. The wastewater hub includes added value by inserting different modules of needed sustainable value in cities. The wastewater hub collects wastewater, rainwater, dry and wet waste and retains food, water, energy, and materials.
The new energy 'produced' by the wastewater hub will not only bring about advantages, like new energy and cost reduction. Because of its physical appearance, the wastewater hub will also manifest an emotional connection with waste. The wastewater hub with the newly produced energy will make sustainability and the circularity of life visible.
In addition to technical and sustainable solutions transforming waste, the hub will also operate as a public space. On the one hand, the public space is a marketplace selling and contributing to products of waste. On the other hand, the public space will manifest silent and contemplative aspects of nature and green.