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Energile helsinki Urban vision

Energile Helsinki Urban vision
Design: 2010

Relaxed dynamics Walking in Helsinki, we notice an evolving dynamic and robust energy simultaneously. The city has the same sort of easy-goingness as the surrounding landscape, where the islands in the archipelago concentrate in the surrounding waters. Whether you wander around the classical squares of the 19th-century city builders Ehrenström and Engel, listen to music in Aalto's Finlandia Hall, or walk the casual slope of the Kiasma museum, everywhere you can feel the relaxed dynamic between intense, energetic places and flowing space.

Glow in the Dark energy Asked to occupy Koivusaaren and incorporate this harbor island into the city, we hesitate. What do you do? Give the island back to the sublime landscape it floats in, restoring its nature and natural beauty, or turn it into the next city quarter? We decided to capture the island's energy and give it to the city. Make an island – island! Make all the buildings on Koivusaaren islands in themselves, generating energy that returns to the archipelago. Let everything we change be an energy generator. Make the island glow in the dim Helsinki winters. 

Free Koisuvaaren Before doing so, we have to free Koivusaaren. Free it from the crossing highway and detach it from the shores. Put the route up high on a bridge that will be the new entrance symbol of Helsinki. Even the moving traffic creates a sense of energy from high up there. Underneath, out of the embankments of the highway, the Koivusaaren subway station emerges, connecting its passengers directly to the commercial Centre Force zone. From here, automotive traffic, slow traffic, and pedestrians are led into the urbanized zones. Although making a new motorway flyover icon will be the optimal solution, other options – like a series of smaller bridges - can be investigated.