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Bridge Floating horizon Nesselande

Bridge Floating horizon Nesselande Rotterdam
Design 2008
Completion 2009
Client – OBR Rotterdam
Engineering – Gemeentewerken Rotterdam

The 'Floating Horizon' bridge extends the boulevard and beach in the Nesselande district of Rotterdam. The bridge connects the route of the district's boulevard with the water district and the new villas to be built. The bridge's character refers to old classic stone bridges with heavy pillars that often provided a continuation of a main route with a boulevard character. The Floating Horizon bridge is also equipped with relatively heavy ground pillars. Due to the multiple supports, the span is relatively small, and the bridge deck can be made slim. The length of the ground pillars provides room for lampposts. The bridge is made of concrete for the car deck. The tread is constructed of steel, and the forces are transferred to the heavy concrete pillars.