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Energy bridge Amsterdam Zuid-As

Energy bridge Amsterdam Zuid-As
Design: 2008 - 2010
Engineering: IBA Amsterdam
Client: Projectbureau Zuid-As Dock

The bridge is designed as a truss girder of 230 meters long. The mechanical model was chosen, in which the two ends/supports are clamped. Not only can the bridge be dimensioned as slim as possible, but this solution also gives the bridge a dynamic appearance. The bridge is primarily designed to facilitate the cable and pipeline network but has also been spatially adapted to serve as a pedestrian crossing. The bridge's cross-section follows the forces flow and has the space in the structure required for the pedestrian section: trapezoidal at the ends and rectangular in the middle area.

Due to the variability of the road and rail network in the new Zuidas Dock, the bridge must be supported by two flexible intermediate support points in the central zone. This flexibility is included in the bridge through a more finely meshed truss locally. This way, support points can be placed almost anywhere without requiring adjustments to the bridge. This guarantees the flexibility necessary for the construction of the Dock.