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Bridge of wind and water

Bridge of wind and water, Nesselande, Rotterdam
Design: 2002
Completion: 2003
Client: OBR Rotterdam

For the bridge of wind and water, a distinction has been made between a walking route and a car and bicycle route. The car's driver is practically not susceptible to wind and water; he is inside. However, the hiker is receptive to wind and water. In front of him is the route down, which leads to the wind and water installation. This installation breaks down into two parts and is connected by a part transparent grid. The 'water installation' focuses on the flow and sloshing of the water. This is the stairs to the water and a place that floats on water. The wind machine, in the form of a rotor, will rotate due to the wind. Under your feet, the water will flow. Wind and water come together here in the simulated weightlessness.