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Villa 'Crosskitchen' Texel

Holiday villa's 'Crosskitchen' Texel, Netherlands
Design: 2017
Engineering: De Veeger architecture office + Geelhood Engineering
Construction: Bouw 2000

Assignment for a modern villa to rent out. The principle of an 8-person villa that can be separated into two smaller units of 4-persons. By creating a physical separation of a double-walled partition wall, two 4-person homes are designed. The concept has been developed by having the kitchen and dining area as the center. The 'dynamic togetherness' of two families is usually concentrated in these places. This principle allows the dividing wall to pass through the large kitchen, technically developed together with Aannemer Bouw2020. The whole design is modern, with lots of glass in the living area. Light and transparency create a relationship with the outside. A luxurious holiday with atmosphere at the Om de Noord holiday park on Texel.