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My most important spatial and architectural questions have revolved around a new sustainable and architectural way of living for thirty years. These questions arise from the consequences of climate change, food dependence, information technology, etc., and directly affect the quality of life in people's households. What does an image of sustainable living look like for an individual and a community? The answer is a new spatial and economical connection with the basic human needs of water, energy, and food. Through my personal architectural views, I want to create a unique 'emotional connection' with individual spaces and public spaces. The key to this renewal is innovative and technical solutions that can mean people's spatial, economic, and emotional progress.



  • Iktinos, nederland                         1992 -   eervolle vermelding
  • Archiprix 1998, nederland              1998 -   eervolle vermelding
  • Metrostation  Rotterdam                 2000 -   1e prijs
  • Twee bruggen, Rotterdam              2001 -   1e prijs
  • Biennal, Miami, Florida, USA           2001 -   eervolle vermelding
  • Dutch design selection,                  2006 -   nominatie finalist dutch design awards
  • Brede school, Rotterdam                2008 -   eervolle vermelding


  • Archiprix 1998 Netherlands
    'Het Debuut' ARCAM gallery Amsterdam', Home for children 'Moria',
    30 January t/m 13 March 1999
  • Unbuild concepts Biennale Miami+ Beach, Florida, USA
    The community of emptiness   Oktober 2001 
    Digital spaces, XIII biennale, globalisation and communication
    3-13 Oktober 2002, Santiago de Chile, Chile
  • Mob lab1,  International Architecture Biennale, Las Palmas Rotterdam, Netherlands
    Bridge of wind and water, 7 May- 7 July 2003
  • Dutch design selection, Eindhoven, Netherlands  Bridge absence of light,  Oktober 2006
  • ACN architectuurcentrum  Nijmegen, Film en architectuur  22 april  -  7 juni 2009
    Scenario -  De onuitsprekelijke gemeenschap,  Free energy
  • Days of Dutch Architecture, Tbilisi, Georgie. Exhibition center 17 - 19 December 2012   
  • Tbilisi Exhibition Hosting Dutch Architects




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