trade mission to the Gulf

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Hans Moor architects will join the trade mission to the region of The Gulf from March 21 - March 24  2022

sectors: water- circular economy- energy

concepts of blueprint 'green' house living

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greenhouse model wind and water community 17 maart 2021 OMAN LL02

 Developing a new connection between safe food and the living environment by the use of the famous Dutch artifacts, like wind and water machines and greenhouses. We have the idea of a 'greenhouse living community' by the shape of a building As a Dutch architect I represent the specialism of our own created artificial landscape: in hundreds of years developed wind and water machines that provide knowledge and artifacts. It means that we changed our 'struggle' into 'learning to play the game' with the natural elements and conditions. It gave us economic prosperity and food abundance. In addition, the (technical) game of playing with the elements of wind and water as free energy, means the possibility of experiencing freedom for society and individuals within the living conditions of an open community. For this mission we want to communicate the architectural ideas with the connection of water, energy and food. This creates the possibility for new sustainable spatial conditions, economic prosperity, and maybe a little food abundance. We have a first focus on the area of the Gulf because of their artificial landscapes and their road to create and establish their own safe food.




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