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greenhouse wand and water machine hub 21 januari 2021 Z01

greenhouse wand and water machine hub living community 4 november 2020 COM 01 klein

Blueprint 'green' house living -

The architectural concept is motivated by the energy of the individual or one household, which can provide for its economic perspective by using water, energy, and food. The concept consists of three components.
1. Simple and technological innovations that support the purpose of the design. Examples include solar collectors, ventilation and cooling, low-tech greenhouses, reuse of waste, from rainwater to drinking water, etc.

2. Software technology that optimizes the relations between the user and his innovations + in the development phase optimizing communication between all stakeholders

3. The implementation in architecture. It means a vision of sustainable living and a new 'emotional connection' (the spirit of sustainable living).

 greenhouse living community - wind and water machines for foodsecurity and living




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