greenhouse wind and water machine hub

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Installation for food production and wind and water machine for transformation rainwater to drink water + wind tower for ventilation. Installation is used on the second floor so the individual can use the first floor for living. The design provides food security and the design is part of a community.

.........Netherlands can teach countries not to have to compete with landscape, conditions and scarcity of food. It has, thanks to its own created artificial landscape, in hundreds of years developed wind and water machines that provide knowledge and artifacts to turn struggle into 'learning to play a game' with the natural elements and conditions. This creates the possibility for new spatial conditions, economic prosperity and knowledge. This is essential for many emerging countries struggling with food security. In addition, the (technical) game of playing with the elements wind and water (free energy) means the possibility of experiencing freedom for the individual within the living conditions of an open community..........

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greenhouse living community - wind and water machines for foodsecurity and living

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1. Le Corbusier's symbol of the open hand together with the unavowable community. Open HandOpen to receive newly created wealth, open to distribute it to its people and to others. The open hand will assert that the second era of the machine age has begun: the era of harmony.

2. The unavowable community – feedbacksystem, community of a astronaut a dancer , architecture by het grace of wind and water. Hans Moor Architects



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